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SmartStar Energias Renováveis Inteligentes S.A.
SmartStar Energias Renováveis Inteligentes S.A.
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Conectividade Total!

SmartStar works only with cutting edge technologies, state of the art and operationally stabilized.
The cost versus benefit ratio is always respected.

We have our own system patents and a wide range of Smart Grid products, developed by our Israel Unit and produced in our manufacturing lines controlled by the China Unit.

Our line of solutions is focused on the wide and unrestricted scope of the complete Energy Efficiency service.

In all our solutions, Customers have the option to INVEST NOTHING!

In this modality, SmartStar is remunerated with part of the monthly reduction in customer expenses, with a significant increase in its energy efficiency and the consequent reduction in costs and preservation of natural resources. Customer Cost will be in the order of -10% to -20% of the average value of their energy bills, before implementing our solutions.
SmartStar Solutions:

  • Complete photovoltaic and wind power generation systems - on and off grid;
  • Air conditioning systems powered by renewable energy;
  • Water pumping systems using energy generated from renewable sources;
  • Intelligent lighting based on state-of-the-art LED Technology, without limitation of light and luminaire design;
  • The entire range of the Smart Grid Platform - controlling energy, water, sewage and gas meters, parking meters, traffic signals, intelligent public lighting; access control to buildings and transport systems (subway, trains, etc.); control of public surveillance cameras and transport of images produced in real time, etc.
  • Smart water meters (hot and cold) and sewage - ultrasonic and electromagnetic;
  • Modular sewage treatment systems;
  • Line of screens and touch system.
Sistema Completo e Amplo!
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